Living Water is a our first wellness water. Living Water helps with depression and anxiety symptoms by combining certain essential oils and crystal water to create a soothing salve to support your emotional system immediately! Living Water is a concentrated healing aromatherapy splash that can be used after your bath or shower. Living Water can also be used as a perfume splash all day as well. The aroma and scent will take you to a refreshing place of peace INSTANTLY!!


Yoga Water is a aromatherapy body spray that instantly gives you a refreshing boost of calming energy before any meditative or exercise routine. Made with a combination of crystal waters and essential oils it gives you the balance of high energy while being calming at the same time. Try it and see for works instantly!!


The benefits of using Living Water and Yoga Water are amazing when it comes to your overall mental and physical well-being. These fragrant waters are made with healing crystals, rare botanicals and plasma chargedĀ  lavender water.